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I support women to create holistic plans for their future freedom years!



Hi, I’m Susanna Philbey and my purpose and passion is ‘helping others to help themselves’.

To create, motivate and accomplish.

So here I am – to be of service to you!


You might have noticed that I am a ‘mature’ woman, with a many and varied life and working experience.

I have worked and volunteered in a wide variety of sectors, absorbing and growing along the way.

My skills and attributes are in organizing, lateral thinking, project management and working with people;

my core values being purpose of life and well-being, and my character traits of being supportive and responsible,

leads me to be a person who ‘serves others’.

MY OFFER  –  Creating a holistic plan for your future freedom years!

I support women to create a holistic future plan to live and love in the best years of their life!

My vision for women is to create a plan with clarity,

peace and love about moving on to the next stage in life.

‘Creating a holistic, future freedom years plan’ was created to help with these challenges –

  • To enjoy continuing connection in later life
  • To continue learning and growing
  • To have your finances and legals organized
  • To know what you want to do, where you want to go and who you want to journey with.

‘Creating a holistic, future freedom years plan’ will help you –

  • To work on your budget and financial requirements
  • To think about what you want to do, where you want to be and with whom
  • To reduce the overwhelm and anxiety of moving on in your life
  • To give you choice and control about whether you wish to work till you’re 80!
  • Breaking it down, releasing the angst, getting it done, freeing your mind, making way for your next best life.

How to decide if you would like to work with me –

My purpose is ‘helping others to help themselves’.

I stand up to support you not to be overwhelmed and worried about retirement;

to help you to get your plan in place, in your own way, in your own time.

What you will receive

An introductory ‘getting to know you’ conversation – no obligation – FREE.

Course Worksheets and Conversations around –

  • Where you are now and where you want to be
  • Finances
  • Relationships; social life; friends
  • Legal information
  • Spiritual, mindset and health
  • Your ideal location
  • To work or not; volunteering
  • Hobbies; passions; recreation
  • Lifestyle
  • Action steps; summary; your vision; your plan.

One on one (est. 3) conversations with me focusing on your life and your plan.

Sessions are tailored to your requirements.


For an investment in your future – $396.00 inc gst.

Take the first action step on your journey.

Call or email me for a no obligation ‘get to know each other’ conversation.

0427 232 093

I am also living the ‘semi-retirement’, ‘freedom years’ journey.

I know that our plan will guide us through our journey in a living and loving way.

Let me support you to create your own.

Please call me for a no-obligation introductory chat…… 0427 232 093

Disclaimer:  You understand that the information provided to you is to provoke thought, conversation and planning and should always be clarified by your accountant or legal representative, before making any life decisions.

Susanna Philbey - Life Directions Planner

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Refund, cancellations and terms and conditions are provided in my service agreement, supplied on agreement to work together.

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