Nook & Nourish

Words: Kathryn Loveridge
Pictures: Nook & Nourish

Born and bred Moonta local, Kristen Colliver had just finished a three year visual communication degree in Adelaide but realised that she didn’t want to pursue that as a career.

After weighing up lots of different options she realised that she could join her love for healthy food & and her experience in hospitality and the seed for ‘Nook and Nourish’ was planted.

After tossing up what town would be the perfect location – she did consider Port Pirie or another Copper Coast town but Moonta seemed like the right choice as her support network of family & friends were there and coming home to her roots was the natural choice.

Nook and Nourish has become a favourite to many, a walk down George Street on a warm summers day will reveal just how popular the little white café is – the outdoor tables are a hive of activity with local and visiting families enjoying the healthy treats that are on offer –  or you will see people taking their smoothies & coffees to the park to enjoy.

During the busy period Kristen will employ up to six local people who not only serve customers with a smile, they also help prepare many of the nutritious healthy meals or delectable raw treats.

Nook doesn’t just offer South Australian edible products such as From the Wild cakes & treats, Enzo’s gluten free goodies and Adelaide continental bakery’s vegan pies, they also have a small selection of locally made products including bibs & scrunchies made by Kristen’s sister Britney & handbags made using repurposed fabrics which are made by Moonta local; Linley.

You will find a range of gut loving foods such as bone broths, sauerkraut and mayonnaise at Nook & Nourish as week as house made Granola.

South Australian milk company, Fleurieu Milk provides the milk that is used in coffees and smoothies.

Running a small business in a country town is not always easy, there are lots of sacrifices that come with owning a small business and many, many hours of hard work behind the scenes that nobody sees.

The busy summer vibes, meeting new people and the Moonta street parades make the  hard times worth it and even this difficult time navigating Covid-19 have brought life lessons that will change the future for this dynamic establishment. It’s easy to rush through life, watching day’s blur into one and forgetting how much you’ve built in such a short time.  Nook will be back stronger, more diverse and will offer even more options for you to grab your Nook fix.

“I love the Moonta daily hustle; the other business owners, the diversity, the mix of modern and heritage all make George Street a great place to work.”

Kristen Colliver, Nook & Nourish