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Piskies Wellness Centre

Piskies Wellness Centre


I specialize in Behavioral Change Therapy which is a combination of Hypnosis, NLP Coaching, and Timeline Therapy™. I have helped many people suffering from a range of problems including tourette syndrome, kleptomania, depressions, trauma, phobias and more. Using this powerful technique, allows the client to make long lasting changes in a fast way,  Nicky Celani

My name is Perry Celani and I use energy healing & hypnosis to help people suffering from depression, anxiety, stroke symptoms, PTSD and insomnia among other aliments. My therapy sessions take between 1-3 hours and are gentle and extremely effective. My ideal client is someone who has been struggling for a long time & doesn’t know what to do next or has been told there is nothing more that can be done for them. To learn more about my approach & treatments you can visit my cloud 9 hypnotherapy website above.

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